Information about me.

  Greetings! I very beautiful girl from Russia. To me of 12 years. I work as model in remarkable agency "Cambio Modeling" from the early age. I want to live how it is pleasant to me. My parents speak, that for this purpose are necessary money. We have not enough money and consequently I want to become in the future professional model to earn the big money. Everyone speak, that I very beautiful and at me will be the big modelling future!..
  For now I like to go for a drive on horses, to start up soap bubbles, to bathe in the summer on the river and to sunbathe in beams of the summer sun... I only do not love war, violence and terrorism. In our future all together we shall win these lacks on our favourite Earth!..
  Thanks you that you believe in my fine future and it was registered on my site!

Yours, Ira Model